Harley Cluxton IV

Private Sales Car Specialist

Dallas, Texas - United States

Languages: English

hcluxton@rmsothebys.com +1 310 559 4575 +1 480 221 4569

Specialist Image

For Harley, a career dealing in cars seemed inevitable—a brief, but nonetheless important, jaunt undertaking a law degree only cemented his pull into the orbit of collector cars. Largely, he thanks his father, Harley Cluxton III, for this particular bug—its bite proved difficult to avoid, being raised by a man who had previously raced for Ferrari’s North American Racing Team, owned the Le Mans-winning Mirage racing team, and founded Arizona’s first Ferrari dealership, Grand Touring Cars, Inc. For his dad, Harley has only gratitude; the casual, “go-on-and-get-after-it” attitude towards letting Harley learn the ins and outs of both cars and the car business at GTC proved crucial experience as he worked up from mopping floors and researching histories to buying, selling, brokering, overseeing restorations, and most any other job imaginable. And more than anything, it is an upbringing that Harley wants to pay forward, hoping to facilitate for others the same rewards collector cars have afforded him. Such a desire is, in part, what led him and best friend Hardy Drackett to create Hammer Price—a mobile app for real-time updates on the prices of collector cars at auction. A venture that afforded Harley the unique opportunity to hone his gaze toward current market trends to a fine point. That very same desire now continues to serve as his drive on the RM team, where he hopes to play the affable guide to any looking to further their collection or pass on their machines. Based in Dallas, Texas, and representing RM Sotheby’s Private Sales, Harley has a wide knowledge on a spectrum of sports and competition cars, with a specialization in many of the Ferrari, Ford, Shelby, and Porsche greats that have passed through GTC’s doors. To Harley, such memories of time spent with cars—whether unique or the everyday—alongside friends and family are precious, and he hopes to create those moments for others wherever he can.