Media Center

Welcome to RM Sotheby's Media Center! The RM Sotheby's team has been working hard to bring you a site that is informative, easy to use, and caters to your specific interests.

Designed to simplify the user experience, media assets are no longer found only in the Media Center, but can instead be found throughout the entire website. Media contacts can now navigate the regular site as a normal user and will receive special permissions, such as hi-res download options, when they are logged in with approved media access.

The biggest change to the new design is that hi-res photography is now found on the individual auction pages. Once you open a specific lot, you can download hi-res images directly from the page. Similarly, hi-res event photography can now be found on the Results page for each auction. You must be logged in with approved media access to see the hi-res download option.

In addition to a fully integrated user experience, the site has been updated to include detailed profiles for each user. We encourage you to please take the time to accurately complete/update your profile to help us better understand your specific interests and deadlines which, in turn, will allow us to keep you abreast of any information or events we think may be most relevant to you and your audience.

Please read the following important information before continuing:

  • The use of images is granted only to active members of the media who have successfully completed RM Sotheby's media registration process.
  • All images downloaded from the RM website are protected by copyright. They are only available for non-commercial editorial use directly relating to RM Sotheby's and/or RM events, including corporate profile pieces, advance promotion of consignments, or post-auction reviews. Photo usage rights do not cover articles that do not relate to RM Sotheby's and/or RM events.
  • Editorial pieces illustrated with images obtained from RM Sotheby's must include prominent mention of RM Sotheby's within the context of the article/story.
  • The use of images and information obtained from the RM site and used in Internet media must include a link to within the context of the article/story.
  • All images obtained from the RM site must be accompanied by the photo credit as it appears in the credit or, where a credit is not listed, "Courtesy RM Sotheby's."
  • In return for the use of images, a copy of the article/story is required to be submitted to the RM Press Office.
  • The use of images for advertising, marketing, sales promotion, merchandising, book publishing, or any other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of RM Sotheby's. Further distribution of these images is strictly prohibited.
  • RM has the right to pursue legal action for any usage that falls outside of the above definition.

If you experience any technical difficulties, would like further information, or have individual photo requests, please contact the RM Press Office.